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Magento 2 Products

Magento 2 is an open-source E-commerce platform and is the most used CMS (Content Management System) to create online stores.

There are two versions of Magento 2: the Community version and the Enterprise version. 
In the Magento 2 community and enterprise, there are six product kinds.

Over the Community version, Magento 2 Enterprise provides a number of beneficial features. One of these extra features is Gift Card, the seventh product category, which is not included in the Community version.

Each type of product with an example is explained below:

1. Simple Product

Simple Product is the most popular product of a store. In Magento, it is also defined as its name, which means that this type of product is sold in every single item ( non-variation). Every single product has its own SKU (Store Keeping Unit) code.

For example, a single bag that is only sold in a fixed size, weight, material, etc.

2. Configurable Product

The configurable product includes many simple products. The collection of various products with different options of colors and sizes but every single product has a separate SKU. This type of product has various options customers can choose from. That is precisely what makes configurable products the most popular kind of product in Magento 2.

For example, compare a T-shirt with 4 colors and a range of sizes to choose from.

3. Virtual Product

A virtual Product is a type of service, membership, warranty, or subscription. Products typically refer to software products. Examples of this would be downloadable games, phone applications, software upgrades, virtual game tokens, etc. This type of Product does not require shippers or delivery.

Example While buying this Fitness Membership a customer doesn’t need to choose a shipping method or delivery. These are non-physical items sold individually or as a part of Grouped or Bundle Products. Magento Virtual products can be presented in a form of memberships, services, warranties, subscriptions, etc.

4. Grouped Product

It is a group of simple products or virtual products which share the same characteristics or are related to each other. It can save more than buying separately, increasing the sale.

For example, A set of Highlighter pens is an example of a Grouped Product, the buyers can choose to buy all sets of products or just one of them.

5. Bundle Product

The products customized are bundled products which include various simple products or virtual products.

For example, the School stationery supply set contains different items such as a set of pens, notebooks, and bags. Customers have no other option except to purchase the entire package, unlike grouped products.

6. Downloadable Product

Anything you are able to download such as software, files, ebook, video, etc. After customers watch the trailers, and samples for testing, they will purchase, they just need to download and then can use the product.

For example: Like a yoga video for learners is a downloadable product. There may be 1 or 2  trailers for buyers to overview the products before buying.

7. Gift Card

There are six options that can be done in the Gift area which are gift wrap, gift messaging, gift receipts, gift registry, printed card, and gift card.

The customers are so busy with their work, and choosing gifts for their friends, family, and relatives during the holiday season is so difficult. They don’t have much time to purchase the gifts for them or even if they come in front of the store, they also don’t know what gifts they should buy. Because there are many things and they are overwhelmed by those things. 

There are three kinds of gift card products available in Magento-2:
  • Virtual gift cards are sent by email.
  • Physical gift cards that can be shipped to the recipient.
  • Combination of the Virtual and Physical.


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